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Further Law Sectors

ICT Law, Industrial Property Rights, Copyright, Technology and Industrial Law

Intellectual property is closely interconnected with numerous related law sectors, such as information and communication technology (ICT) law, copyright, computer and technology law in general, industrial, competition and antitrust law, licensing rights, among others.
IPrime covers a wide range of IP-related law sectors including ICT and Internet law and specialises in handling interdisciplinary issues that relate to aspects of new or innovative technologies and their respective fields of law. As far as special topics, e.g. antitrust or financial law are concerned, we collaborate with renowned specialists in Switzerland and abroad.

The following further law sectors lie within the scope of our consultancy services:

  • Copyrights and neighbouring rights, including artists rights and ancillary copyrights
  • Technology law and standardisation matters
  • Public law, including regulatory matters
  • Computer science, software and Internet law, data protection law (including blockchain and cryptography)
  • Domain disputes
  • Food Law
  • Unfair competition law
  • Licensing agreements, distribution contracts
  • General contracting law
  • Issues regarding the origin of a work or creation, rights of inventors and other matters of legal entitlement
  • Joint ventures, research and development collaborations, technology consortia
  • Technology transfer strategies and contracts