Dispute Resolution requires Strategy

Dispute Resolution and Legal Representation

When commercial collaborations do not develop as expected, when IP or other property rights are being infringed, or when responsibilities within organizations need to be established, we promptly and competently help clients to preserve their rights and to defend against unjustified claims.
We regularly represent parties as counsel before courts and tribunals in civil and commercial disputes, and handle cases under all major arbitration rules (Swiss Rules, ICC, LCIA, HKIAC, SIAC, Vienna Rules, DIS, WIPO, etc.). We also act as arbitrators and mediators, and serve as experts, on both legal issues and technical matters. Additionally, we regularly assist companies and private individuals in white collar crime investigations, for example in cases involving allegations of fraud, corruption, export control or sanctions violations, as well as in cases of cybercrime.

Our approach to resolving disputes is characterized by the close collaboration of experienced dispute resolution practitioners, patent lawyers and technology experts. We are not only familiar with the legal rules and practices of the courts and authorities deciding cases, but very quickly get up to speed on the technical questions underlying a dispute. More importantly still, we are aware that disputes take up substantial time and resources, and that the outcome ultimately reached through formal proceedings does not always correspond to the parties’ expectations and interests. As part of our advice, we, therefore, always explore strategic options and potential alternatives to proceedings, whether through negotiations, mediation or otherwise.

Recent cases from our practice:

  • We acted for the seller in a post-M&A dispute relating to the sale of production facilities to the US.
  • We represented clients in patent infringement and patent nullity suits relating to medical technology, electrical engineering, software patent and injection moulding.
  • We represented a pharma company in a dispute with a supplier of clinical material.
  • We acted as lead counsel for a biotech company in a cross-border licensing dispute, also advising on coordination with parallel criminal proceedings, impact on the relationship with a sub-licensee and settlement opportunities.
  • We assisted a medtech company with its response strategy to criminal charges against former business partners, conducting an internal investigation and advising on interactions with law enforcement agencies in several countries, as well as on related litigation risks.
  • We defended a private individual against alleged director liability claims.
  • We assisted a leading beverages company with the assessment and enforcement of liability claims against a supplier of additives.
  • We accompanied a bank employee in a criminal investigation concerning cybercrime.
  • We defended a foreign state in attachment and litigation proceedings in relation to property located in Switzerland.


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